Store Management

Project Description

Store Management system is network based software developed for Government sector. 

Software provides functionality from customized basic structure building to the whole store management. User can manage Unit for Mass and Volume and also capable to manage another Units.Item management categorized all item into either Rate Contract (R.C.) or Miscellaneous(Misc.) category. Each item can have one or more brands. User can manage Packing for each item for each brand, with item code either Brand wise or Packing wise, with opening quantity. Two type of approval letter can be generated either in R.C. format or in Misc. format. Based on Approval letter, Purchase Order(P.O.) can be generated. On delivery of goods Challan will be entered based on P.O. While item will be issue, issue note will be generated. 

By entering required information various reports can be generated including R.C. and Misc. Approval Letter, P.O., Challan Register, Issue Register, Party wise Purchase Report, Item wise Issue and Purchase Report.