Chief Account Officer

- Gujarat University

This is to certify Shri Ravi B Vasoya was given the task  of Developing Network Based Accounts Management System for Gujarat University. He and his team  have developed the above Software and installed at our Account Department. The university is currently testing the software for required functionalities by various sections of Account Department.

Chairman , (Central Admission Committee)

- M.K. Bhavnagar University

Ravi Techworld has prepared the software for central admission procedure as per instruction of the Admission Committee of M.K. Bhavnagar University and taking into consideration the rules and regulations related to the admission procedure for easy and effective operation based on comp. Network.
Due to this software the central admission work for for the year 2014-2015 was completed without any difficulty or fault within the stipulated period successfully and in an effective manner.
This software was prepared on the basis of V.B Dot Net and SQL Database in which college details, student entry , course setting, class seat arrangement, group wise and class wise merit list, admission memo,  with respective college wise fees structure, total admission reports, vacant seat report including the admission procedure.

Due to this software we have got highly satisfactory results.
Our best wishes are with Ravi Techworld for their ever increasing advancement in the field.

Dr. K.S. Vataliya ,Principal

- M.J. College of Commerce

This  our pleasure to know that our work has been completed by you prior to the given period of time. As we had given PAYROLL  MANAGEMENT  on 1-4-2010 and the deadline for the completion of the same work is 15-3-2010. But you have done this job in an impressive and appreciable manner. I really want to congratulate you and your entire team on behalf of my institute for this remarkable performance. I appreciate your work because the entire work is done by you is 100% accurate and before the given time slot . Project covers all the required functionalities plus some important additional functionality. I am delighted with it.

And I congratulate you for the same.

Thanking You.